Greetings space cadets! Chrism Lollar here on my 26th solar cycle. Yes, I started getting sketchy since before I can even remember. Though I got serious about the rendering process at age 11, when I discovered Japanese comics, and even more seriously so later on, when discovering concept art.

c3I did not attend school, instead I learned everything I know by wandering this here web. I physically grew up in
a place called Stonevale semi-isolated on the side of the Appalachian mountains. Mixing mediums, techniques and philosophies, is how I grew into this particular way of being. Experimenting.

Though my passion is to eventually write and draw extensive comic books, I’ve been focusing on portraiture for the past 5 years @

One thing I gotta put on the table real quick like is that I feel GRIDS AND TRACING PHOTOGRAPHS is BLASPHEMY. Whether it is traditionally, or digitally, the art I make is a legitimate practice, while drawing from life,
photo references or my head. A planet of perfect copies is very dead. Everything already exists, however not such in a twist. I set out to create the art that procreates out of an abyss. I consider myself a sort of mad scientist that works out organic machinery, like thoughts making scenery, we’ll unravel the mysteries that conceal our truest purpose: a boundless form of creativity.

I look forward to examining your face.